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Welcome to the Private Practice of Jim W. Lam, M.D.  We believe that every individual should have a "personal physician."  Each individual's unique genetic make-up, family history, social situation, life-style, and habits all affect her or his health.  We pay attention to all these factors in the care of our patients.  We strive to listen to our patients and provide personal care.

Since our general well being can further be enhanced by preserving a more healthy and youthful appearance, we also specialize in Laser IPL PhotoRejuvenation/Photofacial, Laser/IPL Hair Removal, Laser Leg Vein Removal, and Wrinkle Reduction/Skin Tightening using the Aluma RadioFrequency Device.  For those with excessive underarm sweating, we offer Botox Axillary Injections.   We have also added a private line of Skin Care Products.